Putin noted that the protagonist of the movie “The President” could become an ordinary man.

- Is often not necessary with such films. Perehvalili. I knew that such a film is being prepared. I agreed that the film was released, to show how far the country has passed with a mark of where we started and now. It is important that we all understand the dynamics of events and can plan for the future, - the Russian president said.

According to Vladimir Putin, the film could say more about those who “screened the country” during the conflict in the North Caucasus.

- We have maintained the unity and integrity of the country. I said that we should be grateful simple soldiers who carried out military actions in the North Caucasus. About them I had more to say. That they are obscured country, because was not just a local conflict - the conflict could lead to the development of the situation in the Russian Federation on the Yugoslav direction, - said the president.

29 April 2015

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