The creator of “real detective” movie fans blamed for the death of cinema

The new film Fukunaga, “Rootless creature” about African mercenaries, will be released on strimingovyh resource Netflix. However, the director hopes that it can be seen in cinemas. “Netflix - is the choice of the consumer. And while the audience selects only watching movies online, in cinemas will be only the film adaptation of the comic book. This is where the greatest challenge to our democratic form of art - give the viewer to realize that he is also responsible for the death of cinema as those who makes a movie “- shared Fukunaga.

According to Fukunaga, his new film with Idris Elba starred in the title role in Ghana, and the “white” actors in him. “It’s not about how DiCaprio saves Africa. In the film, only Africans” - warns Fukunaga.

27 April 2015

Putin spoke about the oligarchs, forbade him to be president
Putin noted that the protagonist of the movie “The President” could become an ordinary man.

• Russian audiences are less likely to face domestic films in cinemas. Russian box office films are steadily declining »»»
The level of interest to the domestic Russian audience movie in March was the lowest in the last five years.
• Hollywood ekraniziruet Bible in 3D »»»
Three-dimensional movies will be on the service of religion. According to Deadline Hollywood, in Hollywood, going to film the Book of Genesis in 3D.
• A fan of "Star Wars" in the United States scored a man to death for the spoiler »»»
In Massachusetts, 35-year-old Augie Henning, who calls himself Lord of the Sith.
• "Mosfilm" posted for free viewing over 500 films »»»
Gold Collection Mosfilm Studios - a unique product of the national cinema, reflecting the spirit of his time.
• Directed blockbuster "300 Spartans" Zack Snyder ekraniziruet collection of stories by Ray Bradbury "Man in the Picture »»»
Snyder will make all their talents to make a film in the bright fantastic performance, full of visual effects.