Depardieu does not renounce Russian citizenship

Once on the Internet, there were rumors that the French actor is going to return home, our correspondent phoned to its directors, to know the truth.

On the web there were rumors saying that the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu decided to give up his Russian passport. Following the change of citizenship, he seems to be going to sell the Russian real estate and return to France, as he considers life in Russia is too complex. This information appeared with reference to the channel Notele, who also said that the Frenchman moved to Belgium.

Recall that Depardieu refused French citizenship at the end of 2012. The grounds were too high taxes on luxury. In January 2013, the actor was granted Russian citizenship, he received a Russian passport.
We called the director Gerard Depardieu Arnaud Frilley to know the truth.

- All day today call with this question. Depardieu is not going to give up Russian citizenship. This is nonsense - told us the Arno. - Even thought there are none. Now he is on the set. Think about these conversations, he neither sleep nor spirit. When he learns will be very surprised. He will arrive in Russia in late April.

When we read that “the news of the change of nationality” Depardieu, admittedly, is also very surprised. Why would he do that? He is so beautiful and lives in Belgium, where he moved two years ago. And in his native France too well lived. He did not return home or interfere scandal with the change of nationality, no other scandals in which he regularly gets. He - a man of the world, which, in spite of his antics, oddly enough, all welcome.

10 April 2015

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