Putin praised the new Russian film “Battalion”

Russian President Vladimir[t:tag slug=vladimir]Vladimirt:tag] praised the new Russian films “Battalion”, said a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov.

“On the eve of late Putin in his residence looked film” Battalion, “recently released in rent,” - said Sands.

Together with him the film looked directors, producers of the film, as well as playing the main roles. “The President really liked the movie,” - said the spokesman.

The film tells about the heroism of the women’s squad under the command of Mary Botchkareva created in Petrograd on the orders of the interim government in 1917 to raise the morale of the army.

Director-producer of the project - Dmitry Meskhiev, starring Mary Aronov, Maria Kozhevnikov, Irina Rakhmanov and Marat Basharov. Author and producer of the project is Igor gon.


25 February 2015

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