The phenomenon of “Russian propaganda” scared the West

Over the past year, “Russian propaganda“, addressed to a Western audience, has become a phenomenon. Talk about it, her fear, ways to counter it are discussed at the highest level, which was not even in Soviet times. One reason for this is that the “Russian propaganda” has made a quantum leap forward in just a few years.

Russian arms West feared for a long time. After the reign of Peter the Great to the present day can recall only one palpable defeat by Europeans - on the Crimean War. In France, that victory is very proud of so far: streets named in honor of the Crimean geographic features, meet regularly in Paris.

Russian propaganda, on the contrary, has never been considered a particularly serious threat. International Communist idea in itself - yes, her fear, she actively opposed. “McCarthyism” and “witch hunt” tougher all appeared in Hollywood - because of their “dream factory” Washington realized quickly, and give it to people suspected of sympathizing with communism, was not ready. Great Charlie Chaplin, despite all the achievements in 1952 was expelled from the United States to his native Britain and twenty years did not let back.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union launched the international service before other countries - since 1929. West began producing radio programs in Russian only after the beginning of the Cold War.

TASS is authorized to declare

Already in 1970 the Soviet Union led to the transfer of 70 foreign languages, totaling more than 200 hours, but noticeable effect on the mood in Western society did not have international service. In contrast, by the way, from the Western “voices”, which became a notable event in the Soviet social, political and cultural life of the 70s and 80s. “Voices” through “jammers” not only listened a few dissidents, but also ordinary citizens. Believed “hostile propaganda” is not everything, but still - listening.

It is significant that after the abolition of censorship and the emergence of a large number of independent Russian media “voices” in Russian does not stop its advocacy work. Cause for discrepancies with the official Russian policy found rather quickly - it’s war in Chechnya. However, alternative information breakthrough in an interview with the terrorists and warlords to “Radio Liberty” was not - they already regularly broadcast on the federal channel NTV.

Despite budget cuts and the refusal of broadcasting caused a sharp drop in the popularity of “conversational” radio stations, almost all the major fighters information war against the Soviet Union survived until our days. In the Internet works and “Voice of America” ​​and “Radio Liberty” and “Deutsche Welle” and “BBC Russian Service”, and even the legendary Seva Novgorodsev still in the ranks and lead your blog. In which, significantly, there is no word about Ukraine …….

24 February 2015

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