In Ukraine banned the screening of the film “Brother-2″

The State Agency of Ukraine for the movie refused to issue certificates rolling Russian film “Brother 2″. It is stated on page departments in to Facebook.

The picture is not available to film and television broadcasting, as well as the spread of home video throughout the country, because it contains scenes “degrading Ukrainians on a national basis,” the report said. In addition, the demonstration of “Brother 2″ during the conflict in the Donbass is incorrect, according to the State Committee for Cinematography.

The issue of Rolling identity also denied Russian series “From the Life of Captain Chernyaeva” and “Web of 8″. “Both tapes contain popularization of the power structures of the Russian Federation and the formation of a positive image of their representatives” - the report says.

February 5 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has banned the broadcast of films about the Russian security forces. The text of the law says that a picture of Russian law enforcement officers have a “propaganda or popularization of an aggressor state.”

In October 2014 the State Cinema of Ukraine refused to identity rolling several Russian TV series, including “Kadetstvo”, “Hounds”, “Investigative Committee,” “SWAT,” “Landing Forces,” “Jarhead” and “military intelligence.”

The movie “Brother 2″ Alexei Balabanov, which takes place in the United States, contains scenes of murder mafia immigrants from Ukraine. They kill the main character - a Russian Danila Bagrov. The picture was released in 2000.


18 February 2015

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