British journalist stood up for Putin to former diplomat from the United States

According to the British journalist Mary Dejevsky policy of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine is only a reaction to various provocations of the West. She spoke about it on the air Sky News, responding to the attacks of the ex-diplomat from the US Colleen Graffy, which strongly exhibited Russia as the aggressor in the conflict

Let’s discuss it a little more. With me in the studio Colleen Graffy, a former senior US diplomat, and Mary Dejevsky, writer, TV presenter and expert on Russia. I welcome you both.

Mary Dejevsky, some report violations on both sides. We’ve heard this from a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It refers to a truce with “cautious optimism.” What is your opinion about this?

Mary Dejevsky: Well, I agree with, as you put it, was “cautiously optimistic.” First of all, because really the feeling that there is some cease-fire, and that it is more respected than not observed. And if we remember that the day before was pounding almost unprecedented for the entire conflict scale, I think that the ceasefire is largely respected. Which is good, because it means that orders are not just published, and what to listen to them.

Colleen Graffy, because this was a time of great fear, is not it? They are concerned that the people at the scene, do not always listen to the politicians sitting in the capitals. So you are optimistic about the fact that this truce in its last? Because after Minsk agreements we have not seen that coming world.

Colleen Graffy: No, unfortunately, I do not think it will last. Of course, I hope that the truce would hold, but I believe that, as part of Ukraine talks were held with a position of weakness, Putin will take this opportunity to get any advantage over the port of Mariupol, or to gain a foothold and cut the city, which we are currently consider.

Colleen Graffy: Yes, Debaltseve. Thank U. That is, we need to use this time, for example, to prove that the presence of Russian troops and Russian weapons in Ukraine. We lost the propaganda war. And I think it’s just as important as conventional war. The Russians believe that the West appears in this conflict as the aggressor, and this fact is of great concern. And also the fact that Putin continues to lie to the international community.

In my opinion, the UN International Court of Justice should carefully consider the fact that the Russian side is aggression, war crimes, and the fact that Putin - I think that this is not the Russian war, and Putin’s war - should be responsible for what he does.
Mary, what is your response to that?

16 February 2015

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