New York Times journalist died after a video conference with Edward Snowden

Famous columnist of the American newspaper New York Times, David Carr has died at his workplace on February 13. A few hours before, he had a teleconference with Edward Snowden, dedicated to the discussion of the documentary film about the activities of a former employee of the National Security Agency US.

David Carr was 58 years old. In recent years, he led a column “Media Equation”, in which he analyzed the most relevant media topics, as well as media interaction with society, business and government. However, the most loud Carr project in 2014 was the documentary “Citizen Four,” which tells of the work for the NSA Snowden, as well as a detailed program of surveillance. Film exposure was shortlisted for the award “Oscar” in the category of best documentary work and is considered one of the favorites.

On the last day of his life, David Carr led a video conference with Edward Snowden, who is now in Moscow, as well as other creators of films - director Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald. After that, Carr returned to his office. About nine o’clock in the evening on Thursday (New York time) staff publications found him in his office without feelings. They called an ambulance, which confirmed the death of a journalist. The reasons for the death of David Carr has not reported.

13 February 2015

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