“Donetsk population continues not to love Ukraine” (ATO officers have started “breaking” after watching Russian channels)

Officers ATO starts breaking after watching Russian channels that continue to broadcast on the front line by the method Kashpirovsky and configure local residents against Ukraine.

At a joint with volunteers ATO press conference in Kiev, said the officer of the 95th airmobile brigade APU Valery Loginov (call sign “Askold”).

Asked by journalists about what channels are broadcast in the front line, and if there is a Russian TV channels, the press conference was met with laughter.

“There is broadcast all but the Ukrainian channels - said the” Askold “. - All Russia - and RTR, and Rossiya24, not to mention the fact that there are two local Donetsk channel that broadcast modeled Kashpirovsky - The battery is charged.”

In confirmation of this party ATO said case, which, according to him, there was one of the officers who gave the first Russian TV channels.

“Half an hour people watching, staring at the TV, and silent - continued the officer. - No emotion. I come in an hour, and he sits no. Man is so bad, and I understand that he is breaking. I have this breaking at that time already passed. I said: “What Ivanovich, you feel bad?”. He answered: “Oh, bad. Talk to me, tell me something good and positive. “In fact, this information is repeated often, but it is small, and it is dosed. It makes all that possible. And this visualization of the visually impaired, hard of hearing, and even when she repeated many times - this is a terrible feeling. ”

At the same time, Valery Loginov acknowledged that “Donetsk population continues not to love Ukraine” and confirmed that half Avdeyevka located at this time under the control of the APU, “went to fight for the DNR.”

“In fact, these are people who live even in our front line, are influenced by the media of our worst friend in quotes … our evil brother” - summed up fighter.

12 February 2015

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