Is not the same: In Kiev suspected supported the Maidan “Rain” in the promotion of the Russian Crimea

Simferopol, January 24 (PolitNavigator, Eugene Andreev) - broadcast on Moscow Ukraine opposition TV channelRain” sly promotes Russian chauvinism and the slogan “our Crimea.”
This writes the Kiev newspaper “Day”.

According to the newspaper, Moscow poisonous propaganda served in a beautiful package:

“Intelligent, dynamic, well-read, and at the same time with aplomb leading to feel equal to the other party of any rank and any environment. News from around the world with international guests and experts touch of bohemian in all programs - is not a TV, we would like Sights and Ukrainians give it, free of charge, except that the content - from our “northern neighbor.” It’s about the Russian “opposition”, as it is called among them the liberals, the TV channel “Rain”. Since the end of March last year, the channel can be watched Cables - package Ukrainian provider of cable television “Will-cable” and other operators, he replaced “Channel” Russia. But we must remember where the gratuitous cheese, and the consequences of the free media “- worried author of the publication of the” Day “.

The mouth of the interlocutors “Rain” in the minds of Ukrainians, she muses, embeds the idea of ​​irreparable loss of the Crimea.

“Recently,” Rain “more forms cult Navalny as the only future of Russia. They long relationship. When in February of last year cut off the channel of the cable in Russia, some journalists have assumed that the command” top “was caused by the publication of the opposition Alexei Navalny data about luxury cottages palatial several senior “United Russia”, on the basis of which the journalists of “Rain” conducted its own investigation and released it on the air in the program “and so on.” This version adhered and CEO of Channel Natalia Sindeeva. We can say, two friends ( the project?) shared vision opposition. But what is the figure for the Ukrainian audience Navalny? Of course, the picture of modern productions interview where the chief editor of the channel Michael Zigar talks with Alex in his bright, white cabinet, half-sitting on the windowsill, and the window - a wonderful view , mesmerizing. But when it comes to promises, it turns out that “krymnash”, although he “poisons the life of Russia, Ukraine and Europe,” as Bulk. We believe that we need a “opposition” channel? Who is lobbying in Ukraine? “- Outraged newspaper.

Crimea in general, emphasizes the “Day”, very often now dominates the Russian TV, and persons “Rain” - is no exception:

“Tell me, whose Crimea, and I’ll tell you who you are. In mid-March 2014 in Crimea, a referendum was held, which resulted in the Crimea was annexed to Russia” - this “polite” shell information. This - eyeliner for an interview in the program Sergei Medvedev, historian Andrei Zubov …, professor of MGIMO, who was fired for an article against the invasion of Russia in the Crimea. What is called, feel the absurdity of the situation. ”

And before “Rain” has shown the height of cynicism and disrespect for the Ukrainian patriots: ……

24 January 2015

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